What is Capuccino Coffee? Peek More Info Here!


Jakarta – Coffee is one of the drinks that is quite in demand by many people in the world, including Indonesia. There are a number of types of coffee that are widely known by the public, one of which is cappuccino.
Below is an explanation of what cappuccino coffee is. Check out the full review below.

What Is Coffee?


Coffee is a drink made from roasted and ground coffee beans. Coffee beans come from coffee trees which are grown in various regions around the world.

The process of making coffee begins with harvesting ripe coffee beans, then the beans are processed and processed before being made into a drink.

After being harvested, the coffee beans will go through a series of processing processes such as skin peeling, fermentation, drying, and separation of the skin and seed pulp. After that, the coffee beans will be roasted to produce a distinctive aroma and taste.

After the coffee beans are roasted, they are ground into a fine powder that is ready to be brewed. There are several brewing methods that are commonly used, such as manual brewing methods such as brewing with manual brewing tools (eg French press or pour over), brew using an espresso machine, or by using an automatic coffee machine.

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