Only 1 hour left, Komika’s friend Arafah Rianti’s car is broken into by a thief: Oh God, it’s so brutal

Jakarta – Unpleasant news comes from comic Arafah Rianti. Because, he just showed a car conceded by a thief.

But not the car, but the car of Arafah Rianti’s friend. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

The car of Arafah Rianti’s friend was broken into by a thief

Arafah Rianti

Last night, Arafah Rianti showed an unpleasant incident. His friend’s car was broken into by a thief in a brutal way. Kiky Saputri’s colleague was shocked to see that her friend’s car glass had been smashed into pieces and several things had been stolen.

“Just an hour left already conceded,” wrote comic Arafah Rianti, quoted from her Instagram, Saturday, July 1, 2023.

Seeing the condition of her friend’s car, Arafah Rianti also felt scared. Because, the thief’s burglary made him tremble.

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