Digital Footprint Will Not Disappear


Jakarta – In order to refute Dewi Perssik’s accusations about being gay, Saipul Jamil uploaded evidence that the dangdut singer who is often called Depe was pregnant when he was still his wife.

The evidence he uploaded on his personal Instagram account. Like what?

Upload evidence that Dewi Perssik was ever pregnant

Saipul Jamil did not accept being accused of being gay by Dewi Perssik, so he chose to accuse his ex-wife.

One of them is proof that Depe was pregnant with the fruit of his marriage to Saipul Jamil before.

Digital Evidence of Dewi Persik Pregnant with King Saipul Jamil’s Child,” wrote Saipul Jamil in his uploaded video, launched on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

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