‘Where’s your brain?’, Mita The Virgin Is Furious After Being Slandered Using Drugs Until She Takes Off Her Hijab


Jakarta – Personnel from the duo group The Virgin, Mita The Virgin suddenly went berserk because they were nudged with bad news. He was accused of using drugs just because a piece of the video is not complete.

How does Mita The Virgin explain? Let’s watch it to the end!

Denies Allegations of Using Drugs


Photo : Tiktok.com/@mitathevirgin

Through his personal TikTok account, Mita The Virgin sprayed netizens who uploaded their video clips while performing at an event. The reason is, the video provoked negative comments from other netizens which led to slander.

Mita does not accept that he is called using drugs and is in a high state due to the effects of drugs. In fact, the condition is far from these accusations.

“Permission to stitch, yes, the one who has the video. Because your video is FYP, so I have to explain. Because I read the comments, there’s been a lot of slander there. They say I’m using drugs, it’s getting high. Try that comment, I’m using drugs and other things. Don’t you have money to put on braces? If you have braces, do you feel how it feels for people with braces?” said Mita, who looked furious, quoted from her TikTok, Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

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