excited! Ustaz Dhanu Calls Many Jin in the Body of Dewi Persik Gegara Easily Provoked by Emotions


Jakarta Previously, the sworddut Dewi Perssik often clashed with several people. Not infrequently he also ignited emotions and spilled on his social media.

Ustaz Dhanu recently revealed that there are many genies in the sworddut’s body. Let’s take a peek at the statements of these religious leaders.

Ustaz Dhanu Mentions Many Jin in Dewi Perssik’s Body


Photo: Instagram/dewiperssik9

Later, in a video circulating, Ustaz Dhanu admitted that Dewi Perssik asked him to pray. He also revealed that the singer’s body contained many jinn.

“Miss Dewi Perssik just asked for prayer. It’s just that what I observe is that there are lots of jinn on their bodies, actually,” said Ustaz Dhanu, quoted from the TikTok account mapendos_007 on July 25, 2023.

Ustaz Dhanu further explained that the many jinn appeared because of Dewi Perssik’s aggressive nature. According to the religious leader, this aggressive nature had appeared in Saipul Jamil’s ex-wife a long time ago.

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