Zayyan Returns Home, XODIAC Greeted by Fans Arriving in Indonesia

South Korea – XODIAC will be performing today at Ancol Beach, Jakarta. When XODIAC arrived in Indonesia, it seemed that the fans enthusiastically welcomed their arrival.

So, what was the moment when Zayyan returned to his beloved homeland? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Zayyan Returns Home

Zayyan, who is a native of Indonesia and part of the boy group XODIAC, has finally returned to his hometown. Yak himself, Zayyan also invited his friends to Indonesia.

It is known that Zayyan and other XODIAC members are going to Indonesia because they will be performing at the 2023 Telkomsel Awards. Their presence became the spotlight when they appeared at Incheon airport, Seoul, South Korea.

The nine members consisting of Lex, Hyunsik, Zayyan, Beomsoo, Gyumin, Wain, Sing, Davin, and Leo arrived at Soekarno Hatta airport, Indonesia. Who would have thought that even though it was already midnight, the fans from the XODIAC group were busy waiting.

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