Yogurt Shake Lyrics – NCT Dream with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – NCT Dream, the 7-member boy group released their 3rd regular album on the 17th with the title ‘ISTJ’ which is one of the 16 types of MBTI. The song is of the dance hip-hop genre, and SM Entertainment’s hit song producer, Kenji, participated in writing and composing the song.

Besides the main song titled ISTJ, there is also a song called YOGURT SHAKE. So what are the song lyrics and their translations like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Yogurt Shake Lyrics – NCT Dream

ne ap-eseon wae (ne ap-eseoneun wae)
nadabjil moshae (nadabjileul moshae)
neon neomu Sweet and sour
(neon neomu Sweet and sour)
nae halul heundeul-eo

machi neon
Yogurt Shakes Yogurt Shakes
Yogurt shakes for me
naleul wae Hurricane sog-e gaduji
Yogurt Shakes Yogurt Shakes

Yogurt shakes for me
neon naleul hwijeoeo
ttaelon budeuleobge Sorbet
ttaelon neomu chagawoseo
nae sog-eul taewo I go cray

But I kinda luv that
heundeul-eo nohji nal
nega gajyeon geu Earthquake
nan yogsim-eun an buliji

neon ideelo 100 baby
We can make it chill
What’s the deal
geochim-eobs-i deo Whip

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