Wow! Apparently this is why Kediri is nicknamed the City of Tofu

Kediri – Talking about Kediri, it must have occurred to a moment about culinary which is mostly made from tofu. Yes, there are lots of souvenirs or special foods in this city that are made from tofu.

Nicknamed the city of tofu and much hunted by tourists, let’s take a peek at the history of Kediri to have this nickname.

History of Kediri Dubbed as the City of Tofu


Photo : Freepik

The nickname Kota Tahu is closely related to the city of Kediri. Apart from being the largest cigarette producer in Indonesia, this regency in East Java is also one of the tofu producers.

Yellow tofu is one of the most famous culinary souvenirs that tourists often hunt when visiting the city of Kediri. This tofu gets another name, namely ‘Know of Takwa’.’

This tofu has a characteristic, namely its texture is chewy and dense. Initially, the production of tofu in Kediri originated from the large-scale migration of Chinese citizens in the 1900s.

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