Winning the Best Actress Award, Lim Ji Yeon Even Apologizes For This


South Korea – Some time ago, Lim Ji Yeon won the best actress award at the prestigious Blue Dragon Series Awards. He was declared victorious for his role as Park Yeon Jin in the series The Glory.

However, Lee Do Hyun’s lover even apologized. Why? Let’s take a peek at the reasons below.

Lim Jiyeon
Source: Star News

On the 19th day of July 2023 yesterday, award 2nd The Blue Dragon Series Awards just took place in Incheon Paradise City. The event is an award event for talented actresses and actors in South Korea.

At the award, Lim Ji Yeon won the Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in the series The Glory as Park Yeon Jin.

In particular, the beautiful actress thanked the entire The Glory series crew, as well as the drama writer, Kim Eun Sook.

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