Winda Yuliyanti Istikhozah’s career existence in social media is now a field of blessings


PeekSeleb – Winda Yuliyanti Istikhozah who is usually called winda is one of the influencers since 2015 who was born in Ciamis on July 4, 2001 and now lives in Jakarta.

Curious about how the story of Winda’s struggle to become a celebrity? Let’s scroll the article!

Career Journey


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As a popular celebrity among young people, Winda actively runs her Instagram and has an account with over 10K followers. Winda is known to only have Instagram social media with the account @windaj_04 as well as @wiendha_04 to carry out his professional career as an influencer. Apart from that, Winda is one of the 2019 class of students at the UNJ campus.

On the other hand, winda actively uploads videos on his personal tiktok account @your place of poison And @windaje04 . Apart from that account, Winda, a YouTuber, which started in 2019, already has 1400 subscribers.

Working in the world of content creators, it seems that Winda has her own business selling various products. Yes, she has a business called @Windajolshop_ . Apart from that, this winda is also a live streamer on various platforms whose income can be IDR 20 million per month.

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