When asked when to get married, Dul Jaelani: Friday, after Friday prayers


Jakarta – Dul Jaelani and Tissa Biani are known to be lovers who are now in love. The two have been in a dating relationship for quite a while.

On one occasion, Dul Jaelani shared stories about his love story. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the full review below.

Say Will Get Married Friday


Photo: Special

When asked by members of the media regarding marriage preparations, Dul Jaelani mentioned the day he planned to marry his idol, Tissa Biani.

“Friday (wedding). After the wrong Friday,” Dul Jaelani said while smiling in the Pancoran area, South Jakarta, Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

Even so, it is not known whether the statement is just a joke or it is true. However, what is certain is that Dul and Tissa Biani have been dating for more than 2 years.

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