What is Caramel Blush Makeup a la K-Beauty? Take a peek at the tutorial to look like K-Pop idols

PeekSeleb – K-Beauty makeup has become an increasingly popular trend worldwide. One of the important elements of the K-Beauty look is the use of blush which gives a fresh and natural facial effect.

One technique for using blush that is viral is the caramel blush technique. Caramel blush went viral after the debut of NewJeans, which brings out a youthful and fresh impression. So, is that caramel blush makeup a la K-Beauty and what are the steps? Come on, let’s examine one by one!

What is Caramel Blush Makeup?

Haerin new jeans

Makeup Caramel Blush is a blush application technique using caramel or brownish color on the cheeks. This color gives a warm and natural effect on the face, creating a healthy and bright skin tone.

Caramel blush makeup is often used in K-Beauty looks to give a fresh, youthful, and radiant look that is often used by K-Pop idols.

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