Wearing Batik, Fujii Kaze’s Anxious Reaction to Eating Mangosteen in Jakarta Becomes a Spotlight

Jakarta – Singer from Japan, Fujii Kaze recently successfully held his concert in Jakarta. Not missing the moment of visiting Indonesia, Fujii Kaze was also caught traveling around Jakarta.

Apart from that, Kaze also tasted local fruits such as salak and mangosteen. How did Fujii Kaze react when he tasted local culinary delights? Let’s take a peek below.

Fujii Kaze Tastes Local Food

Fujii Kaze

Through his Instagram Story, Fujii Kaze shared a series of moments when he tasted local culinary and fruits.

You can see Fujii Kaze who seems happy to taste satay along with rice and even complete with crackers. Apart from that, Fujii Kaze also uploaded a portrait of himself tasting salak fruit.

But what caught our attention was the moment when Fujii Kaze tasted the mangosteen fruit for the first time.

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