Waterbomb Osaka 2023 which invites BIGBANG’s Daesung to Jay Park is canceled

South Korea – In recent months, Waterbomb Osaka 2023 has been announced to be held on July 15-16 on the Sports Island of Maishima. Unfortunately, the event has been canceled due to an accident that killed the staff.

So. what’s it like in full? Come on, immediately refer to the article below!

Waterbomb Osaka 2023 has been cancelled

There was an accident before the Waterbomb Osaka 2023 event was held. The accident caused one staff member to die. On July 14, ‘Waterbomb Osaka 2023’ announced the cancellation of the weekend event, which was originally scheduled to take place from July 15-16 on the Maishima Sports Island.

“A serious accident occurred during stage setting for the Osaka event; therefore, we are announcing the cancellation of ‘Waterbomb Osaka 2023’,” said the Waterbomb Osaka 2023 team quoted via a tweet on Twitter on Saturday, July 15 2023.

According to the event’s official statement, a male staff member was hit on the head with water from a water booster, which exploded at about 120 kilometers per hour. The staff lost consciousness and were taken to the hospital. However, unfortunately his life could not be saved and declared dead.

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