Virgoun considers Inara a disobedient wife, judged unfit to raise children

Jakarta – Big Dipper household vocalist of music group Last Child, Virgoun and his wife, Inara Idol Rusli, are increasingly on edge. Now, the two are in the process of divorce at the West Jakarta Religious Court (PA).

Until now, the agenda for the second trial has only entered the duplic agenda and next week a trial of evidence will be held. Take a peek at the full information below.

Virgoun and Inara Fight over Child Custody


Photo : Instagram/mommy_starla

Regarding the divorce, Inara’s attorney, Arjana Bagaskara, said that his client had made up his mind to separate. Furthermore, there are only a few things that still need to be resolved for Inara, such as living and child custody.

“That (divorce) has been fixed, there are no other possibilities,” said Arjana Bagaskara to the media crew at PA West Jakarta on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

“It’s just that what we are still opening the door to is related to the maintenance of the child, and what kind of child custody he wants,” continued Arjana.

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