viral! These TikTokers Find a Shia Prayer Room, Here’s What It Looks Like

PeekSeleb – A video shows a TikToker intending to pray at a prayer room. However, he did not think that the mosque belonged to the Shia community.

What is the appearance of the Shia prayer room like? Let’s take a peek at the article.


Photo: TikTok

The video uploaded by the TikTok account named @abilasalsala alias Abila Salsa has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people. The video shows all the locations of the Shi’a prayer rooms that he accidentally found.

In the video, he admits that he is afraid and has an uncomfortable feeling when he is in the place of worship.

I was scared, at first I wanted to pray, how come the prayer room was so wide, it turned out that from the start I didn’t feel good #syiah #syiahindonesia #syiah,” wrote the account owner’s statement quoted by IntipSeleb from @abilasalsala on Sunday, July 23, 2023.

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