viral! The achievements of Mischka Aoki and Devon Kei Enzo Make Netizens Envious

Jakarta – Not long ago, brothers Mischka Aoki (14) and Devon Kei Enzo (13) went viral on TikTok. Teenagers are busy making video uploads of footage of achievements and glimpses of Mischka-Devon’s life with the title ‘IRI?’.

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Make Envy


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This is the true definition of envy”, said the written statement on one of the TikTok video uploads about Mischka-Devon. Jealous of Mischka-Devon’s work, she won more than 100 medals at the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad at a young age.

Envious when most children are afraid of mathematics, Mischka-Devon is friendly with mathematics, to the point where today’s youth are nicknamed, “Mathematical Smile”. Mischka and Devon have made a positive impact in the digital age with their uniqueness.

Mischka shares a lot of content on how to learn English in a more fun and entertaining way through her TikTok account @mischkaaoki.

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