Viral on TikTok, Peek at the meaning of Itje Trisnawati’s song ‘Madu Merah’ tells about LDR people

PeekSeleb – The TikTok application has been successful in bringing out old songs that are being made famous again with new packaging and are liked by many of its users.

No doubt, one of them is the song ‘Madu Merah’ by Itje Trisnawati which has a deep and extraordinary meaning. What do you think that means? Let’s scroll!

Cup red honey
Watering our hearts
Leaves romance and earrings of love
Describe your love, my dear

A cup of red honey
Wet in the heart
Embroidered romance with threads of love
Describing your love my love
One in one

Feeling heavy walking
When you’re near me

I don’t want to be separated
When you are beside me

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