Viral Intimate Feedings of Nicholas Saputra for Beautiful Women When Visiting the Jakarta Fair

PeekSeleb – Recently, Nicholas Saputra made his fans happy by appearing on a talk show titled “Greet Nicholas Saputra” at the Kanzler Booth at the 2023 Jakarta Fair.

In fact, not only attending the Jakarta Fair, Nicholas Saputra also gave a special bribe to one of the beautiful women. Curious? Let’s scroll!

Friendly Feeding

Nicholas Saputra

Besides the fun interactions and questions and answers, the most electrifying moment in the event was when Nicholas Saputra fulfilled the request of one lucky fan with his favorite nuggets, namely Kanzler Crispy Chicken Nuggets, to that fan.

This action shocked the audience, which was followed by cheers and enthusiastic reactions from other fans. The contagious spirit permeated the entire Kanzler booth area, where the talkshow was held, and created an unforgettable experience for all the visitors who attended.

Adding to the excitement, another lucky fan expressed his love for Nicholas by presenting a flower bucket decorated with a message that read “We Love YouNicholas Saputra”. Then, this actor responded by saying “Love you tooto his fans. Suddenly this made the fans bustling and screaming with joy.

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