Viral 2023 MAMA Awards Winner Prediction, NewJeans Take Over BTS Position?


South Korea – The 2023 MAMA Awards have become a hot topic of discussion for KPopers on all social media, especially in online communities. Netizens make many predictions by showing the number of each group’s achievements.

NewJeans is predicted to be the winner of Artist of the Year, following the prediction of the viral MAMA Awards 2023 winner. Come on, check it out in full below!

Netizens’ predictions about the winners of the 2023 MAMA Awards

mama awards 2023
Source: Online Community

Even though the MAMA Awards event is still a long way off, the prediction of KPop idols who will bring home the daesang has caught the public’s attention. Some netizens even started calculating data based on the sales and popularity achievements of each group that made a comeback throughout 2023.

The prestigious “Artist of the Year” criteria for the MAMA Awards are as follows, 20% is determined by digital scores, 30% by album sales, 10% by global scores, and 40% by judges. While the jury’s share won’t be decided until later this year, the other three categories could give netizens a pretty good idea of ​​who’s at the top of the list right now.

This year’s “Artist of the Year” winner is mind-boggling. The reason is, there are two groups that successively attract the hearts of the public, even those who are not K-Pop lovers. SEVENTEEN’s overall score is slightly higher than NewJeans. However, with NewJeans set to return with new music soon, there’s a good chance it will work in their favor.

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