Violenzia Jeanette Reveals the Reasons for Breaking Up with Marcelino Lefrandt, Different Religions?

Jakarta – The romance of Violenzia Jeanette and Marcelino Lefrandt is now reportedly aground. In fact, the two just announced they were dating in early January.

The religious differences between the two were also highlighted. So is it true that because of different religions, Violenzia and Marcelino broke up? Take a peek at the answer below.

Violenzia and Marcelino Break Up

Recently, Violenzia Jeanette admitted that she had broken up with Marcelino Lefrandt. Their romance has ended ahead of Vio’s birthday.

“Now I really don’t have a partner, it just so happens that I have another birthday. Yes, I broke up on good terms. We tell each other that we can’t be together anymore, so let’s just be realistic,” said Violenzia Jeanette quoted from YouTube Fujian, Wednesday, 5 July 2023.

“There is a break if the one who notices it seems like I haven’t posted Marchell’s posts since when I went to Bali, which I followed you (Fuji). At that time it was already a bit floating and I was trying to fix it again because I didn’t want it to end,” he continued.

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