Using a veil, Ratu Rizky Nabila actually makes netizens sad


PeekSeleb – Ratu Rizky Nabila has made up her mind to wear the hijab and wear the veil. Through his latest Instagram post, he shares a portrait that partially covers his face.

However, seeing the Queen’s post, netizens actually felt sad and thought it was inconsequential. What are the spicy comments of netizens like? Let’s take a peek at the article.

Veiled But Blasphemed

Instagram/ @raturn

Photo : Instagram/ @raturn

Ratu Rizky Nabila seemed unable to form the scathing comments of netizens on her Instagram account. After wearing the veil, she actually received slanted comments regarding her appearance.

Netizens seem to remind the Queen not to wear tight clothes when wearing a veil. Because in one of the photos, Alfath Fathier’s ex-wife is wearing a veil and jeans.

E how how ???? Is Bercdar still wearing tight levis??? Astaghfirullah, you should know that the veil is not fashion,” wrote netizens.

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