Up in arms! Olla Ramlan Allegedly Removed Hijab

Jakarta – Olla Ramlan gets scorn from netizens when she uploads photos of her exercising. Judging from her Instagram, Olla often does running.

The sneer was given by netizens because Olla’s clothes were deemed inappropriate. What are Olla’s posts and comments from netizens like? Here’s the article.

Allegedly Open Hijab

Olla Ramlan got scorn from netizens when she uploaded a photo of her exercising. In the photo, Olla is seen covering her hair with a hoodie.

This made netizens wonder because all this time Olla Ramlan had been wearing the hijab. Some even suspected that she had taken off her hijab.

His neck is showing,” wrote netizens.
Already open the hijab, Olla looks like his neck,” wrote netizens.
There’s nothing wrong with the sportswear, what’s wrong is that she wears the hijab, so there are lots of comments on her clothes,” wrote netizens.

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