Up in arms! Antonio Gives Evidence Nikita Mirzani Suddenly Appears in Front of His Mother’s House in Germany

Jakarta – The conflict between Nikita Mirzani and his ex, Antonio Dedola, seems to be still not over. This time, Antonio exposed Nikita’s actions which caused a stir.

Antonio admitted that his mother called him because he saw Nikita Mirzani standing in front of his house as if he was watching. How are you doing in full? Take a peek below.

Nikita Mirzani Stands in Front of Antonio Dedola’s House in Germany

Antonio Dedola

Antonio Dedola again exposed Nikita Mirzani’s behavior which was quite surprising. Through his Instagram Story, Antonio uploaded a video from the CCTV of his house in Germany which was taken on June 9, 2023.

In the video, it shows the terrace and the street in front of Antonio’s house. However, the figure of Nikita Mirzani who was in front of Antonio’s house successfully became the spotlight.

“I couldn’t believe it when my mother called me that Nikita Mirzani was standing in front of our house! I will tell you more about this in the next story.” wrote Antonio Dedola quoted on Friday, June 30, 2023.

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