Unlike Loly, Cinta Kuya Mulung Viral Praised by Simple Mulung in the United States Gets an Iphone


Jakarta – Kuya’s love went viral through uploading her videos on YouTube. He is praised modestly with his appearance living in the United States.

Netizens compare Loly, daughter of Nikita Mirzani. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Cinya Kuya Viral

Cinta Kuya’s latest content has gone viral on social media. Because, he was found to be sluggish or taking used goods that were wasted in the United States.

Uniquely, the son of Uya Kuya and Astrid Kuya actually got extraordinary luck. Because, he got two Iphone and Imac which were discarded but still working fine.

“What I met, the one I actually made this box for is the iPhone. I swear it’s really lucky and the keyboard is still working,” said Cinta Kuya, quoted from YouTube Cinta.

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