Undergoing the Sangjit Procession, Tina Toon Reveals the Face of the Future Husband

Jakarta – The happy news was shared by former child singer Tina Toon via her Instagram post. This member of the Regional People’s Legislative Council (DPRD) for DKI Jakarta Province will soon marry the man of her dreams.

Having previously never revealed the face of her future husband. On this day he finally uploaded a photo with the man’s face visible. What was that moment like? Let’s take a peek at the article below.

Show the Face of the Future Husband

Instagram/ @tinatoon101

Photo : Instagram/ @tinatoon101

Tina Toon and her future husband, known as Daniel, recently carried out the traditional Sangjit procession. This procession is usually done in Chinese culture. Sangjit is performed after the application process and before the wedding ceremony takes place.

In this procession, the groom will bring a number of gifts or gifts to the prospective bride.

The moment of the Sangjit procession was shared by Tina Toon via her Instagram post. Including in one of the photos, he finally showed the face of Daniel, his future husband.

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