Tribute to Coldplay’, IDR 100 Million Tickets Sold Out

Jakarta – It was revealed which riders Aldi Taher wanted for his appearance at the ‘Forplay: Aldi Taher Martin Live in Concert Tribute to Coldplay’ concert some time ago.

As is known, riders are part of the terms of the contract between the artist and the organizer to support the artist’s facilities in the form of technical riders and non-technical riders.

So, what riders did Aldi Taher ask for this performance? Let’s take a peek together!

Riders Aldi Taher

Aldi Taher

Welcoming the arrival of the Coldplay band to Jakarta on November 15 2023 at the upcoming Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (SUGBK), Aldi Taher held a solo concert ‘Forplay: Aldi Taher Martin Live in Concert Tribute to Coldplay’.

Unmitigated, the concert which was held on the evening of Monday, 3 July 2023 at Bengkel Space, SCBD South Jakarta, managed to sell tickets for IDR 100 million.

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