Tirto Raharjo Temple Tourism, Diving into the Beauty of Central Java History


PeekSeleb – Indonesia is a country rich in natural beauty and history. One of the interesting historical heritages to be explored is the Tirto Raharjo Temple. Located in Central Java, this temple is a silent witness to the glories of past civilizations.

In this article, Intipseleb will provide information regarding the uniqueness and charm of the Tirto Raharjo Temple. Come on, scroll!

About Tirto Raharjo Temple

Tirto Raharjo Temple

Tirto Raharjo Temple is located in Karanganyar village, Ngargoyoso sub-district, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. This temple is included in the enshrinement complex spread across the region. It is estimated that this temple was built in the 8th century AD during the Ancient Mataram Kingdom.

Tirto Raharjo Temple has a typical Central Javanese architecture with a touch of Hindu-Buddhist architectural style. This temple is made of andesite stone with an interesting and symmetrical shape. Although this temple has suffered damage over time, its beauty still radiates.

One of the characteristics of Tirto Raharjo Temple is the reliefs on the temple walls. These reliefs depict scenes of the daily life of the people at that time. We can see descriptions of agriculture, crafts, to religious scenes.

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