This is the figure behind Rizky Billar’s success, now he has a car rental business to helicopters

Jakarta – Homeland artist, Rizky Billiards is a public figure who is widely known by the public. Starting from being a singer until recently having his own label called Leslar Records.

Behind Billar’s success, of course there are people behind him who also support and encourage him to move forward. First and foremost, his beloved wife, namely Lesti Kejora. Take a peek at the full information below.

The Figure Behind Rizky Billiard’s Success

Apart from the main one, Lesti, there is also one more figure who has contributed to Billar’s success. She is Billar’s manager named Fransisca Merry.

She is a woman who was born in Jakarta on October 19, 1984. By those closest to him, he is often called Ci Merry.

Ci Merry himself has been working as an artist manager for quite a long time. He started his career since 2015.

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