This is Chae Jong Seok’s figure and Instagram account, rumored to be Han So Hee’s new boyfriend

South Korea – Acquaintance with the figure of Chae Jong Seok, a man who has recently been busy talking on social media regarding the issue of dating Han So Hee.

Even so, these rumors have been refuted by 9Ato Entertainment and said that Chae Jong Seok is a friend of Han So Hee.

Of course, not a few are curious about Chae Jong Seok’s background and the name of his personal Instagram account. Let’s scroll through the full review below.

Chae Jong Seok’s Background and His Personal Instagram Account

Chae Jongseok

Just like Han So Hee, Chae Jong Seok is a model under YG KPlus, a modeling agency which is a subsidiary of the entertainment agency YG Entertainment.

Chae Jong Seok is noted to have more than 29 thousand followers on his personal Instagram account @czonsuxx, and is actively sharing portraits of his activities.

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