There’s Sungchan and Shotaro, SM is called to debut a new group in September

South Korea SM Entertainment is rumored to be debuting their newest male K-pop group in September.

SM Entertainment’s rookie male Kpop group is predicted to have 7 members, including Sungchan and Shotaro, former members of NCT. Here’s more through the review below.

SM Entertainment to Debut New Group in September?


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Launching from Sports Chosun on July 12, SM Entertainment is predicted to introduce their group in September 2022.

SM Entertainment’s newest Kpop group will be rumored to have 7 members, including Sungchan and Shotaro who previously joined NCT.

Apart from that, there are also new names like Eunseok and Seunghan who were introduced as part of SM Rookies.

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