There’s a Senior Like the Sky, I’m So Nervous


South Korea – Recently, Park Gyu Young became one of the confirmed Squid Game 2 players. In his recent interview for Celebrity promotions, Park Gyu Young discussed his role in Squid Game 2.

Then, like what? Come on, check out the details below!

I admit that I was nervous when I became a Squid Game player

park gyu young
Source: Netflix

Park Gyu Young told various stories in his interview for the series Celebrity. The interview was held at Samcheong-dong cafe, Jongno-gu, Seoul on July 4.

Park Gyu Young, who previously made an impression on fans all over the world as a unique character through the Netflix series Sweet Home, is drawing attention when announcing the news of joining Squid Game Season 2 after Celebrity.

In his interview, Park Gyu Young carefully discussed his role in the series Park Gyu Young.

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