The Story of Anna Shirley Surviving the Deadly Accident of the Brantas Train Crashing into a Truck in Semarang

Jakarta – Indonesian artist, Anna Shirley, admitted that she was shocked by the incident of the 121 Brantas Train (KA) to Pasar Senen-Blitar at 19.32 WIB yesterday. This was revealed by the 53-year-old woman through her personal Instagram upload.

SHOCK AND VERY SHOCKED!!!! TRONTON TRAIN ACCIDENT,” wrote Anna Shirley as reported by IntipSeleb from her personal Instagram on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

Anna also spoke further about her experience. Take a peek at the full information below.

Survive From Accident Incidents

Anna said, she should have boarded KA 121 Brantas which had an accident. However, that didn’t happen because he was 10 minutes late on the train. As a result, Anna departed on the next train.

I should have got on that train,,, because I was 10 minutes late. So I got on the next train,” explained Anna.

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