The soft dictates of Prilly Latuconsina’s head when you want to cry, netizens are auto baper

Jakarta – Recently, Prilly Latuconsina and Dikta were invited together on a podcast. The two of them had indeed been in the same project, namely the film series directed by Umay Shahab.

While working together, Dikta discovered new facts about Prilly, that she is someone who cries easily. What’s the story like? Let’s take a peek together!

The story of Dikta and Prilly Entertainment

Photo : Entertainment

Pradikta Wicaksono alias Dikta tells how sensitive Prilly Latuconsina is. On several occasions when they were filming together, Prilly could suddenly cry. In fact, from things that seem simple.

“He cries very easily. I was waiting for the scene, suddenly I got angry, I called them and kept crying,” said Dikta, quoted from YouTube OPRA Entertainment, Thursday 20 July 2023.

“Suddenly ‘look, this video is really sad on TikTok’ when you cry,” said Dikta again.

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