The owner apologizes for the marriage of Jojo and Luna’s dogs, has no intention of insulting Javanese culture

Jakarta – The luxurious wedding of the dogs Jojo and Luna has caused controversy in various circles. In addition to costing approximately Rp. 200 million, the wedding of Jojo and Luna’s dogs is considered to have violated Javanese customs.

For the controversy, the owner and organizer of Jojo and Luna’s dog wedding apologized in an open letter and direct statement. Check out the full article!

Apologies for Jojo and Luna’s Dog Marriage

Owners and organizers of Jojo and Luna’s dog wedding offered a public apology for the chaos caused to the lavish event. They regretted and apologized to those who felt hurt from this event.

“First of all, introducing my name Nena & Valen as the organizers of the event and representing all parties involved, we would like to express our apologies for the uproar that occurred in the community, with the holding of the Jojo & Luna event,” they wrote in a statement, reported by IntipSeleb from @lambe_turah.

“We are very sorry & apologize profusely to activists of Javanese culture and customs and all Indonesian people who are less pleased and hurt by this event,” he continued.

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