The figure of Ruru Madrid, Hero in the Filipino Serial Dakkila

Philippines – The Filipino series Dakkila, which airs every Monday to Friday at 09.30 WIB on ANTV, comes with an unusual story of friendship, namely a man named Lolong and a crocodile named Dakkila.

Lolong, played by Ruru Madrid, succeeded in bringing fresh air to the audience. What’s the action like? Take a peek at the article.

The figure of Ruru Madrid


Photo: ANTV

Apart from his handsome appearance, Ruru Madrid has no doubt about his achievements. This is because, starting at the age of 15, Ruru has successfully entered the world of entertainment by winning a youth talent search event, Prote’ge’: The Battle For The Big Artista Break.

In addition, Ruru has talent in singing and dancing and has appeared at music events and concerts in the Philippines. This made Ruru known to many circles and further added to her popularity by playing Lolong in the Dakkila series.

Synopsis of Dakkila

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