The figure of Jackie Chan’s wife who persists even though her husband has an affair and has children outside of marriage


Hong Kong – Jackie Chan’s wife, Joan Lin, found out about her husband, Elaine Ng’s affair. To make matters worse, the Hong Kong actor had an affair and had a child, Etta Ng.

Even so, he persisted. Then, what’s the reason? Scroll through the article below.

Hang in there

Jackie Chan and wife, Joan Lin

Jackie Chan’s affair with Elaine Ng was also known by Jackie Chan’s wife, Joan Lin. But not directly but from the media. Launching his book Never Grow Up, Jackie Chan at that time felt scared and didn’t know what to do when the issue exploded on social media.

“The (affair) news report then exploded. I wanted to call (Lin) but I didn’t know what to say. There was no way I could explain it to her. It’s not a mistake that can be fixed by saying, ‘I’m sorry’,” said Jackie Chan in that book.

Afraid of how Joan Lin would react, Jackie Chan then contacted his wife. He apologized for his actions. But instead of getting angry, Joan Lin actually handed everything over to Andy Lau’s partner.

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