The Fate of Enzy Storia’s Career in the Artist World After Moving to America with Molen Kasetra


Jakarta – Indonesian artist and host, Enzy Storia, has now chosen to move from Indonesia to America with her husband, Molen Kasetra. It is known that Enzy’s husband is a diplomat.

In fact, Enzy has uploaded several times her activities in Uncle Sam’s country. Take a peek at the full information below.

The Fate of Enzy Storia’s Career After Moving to America

Capture the YouTube screen

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Most recently, Enzy talked about the future of her career in the artist world after moving to America. This was revealed by Molen Kasetra’s wife when invited on YouTube owned by Vincent Rompies and Desta (VINDES).

Enzy is said to be taking a short break from the world of artists while living in the United States. Appearing on YouTube VINDES is also said to be his last moments before he no longer graces the screen.

“This is the last time that Enzy will take a temporary break until next March and will return to stay in Indonesia for three years,” said Vincent Rompies, quoted by IntipSeleb from YouTube VINDES on Saturday, July 15, 2023.

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