The Excitement of Hanggini and Luthfi Aulia War of Taylor Swift Concert Tickets, Successfully Obtained After 6 Hours

Jakarta – To get tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert is not easy. There are a series of stages that must be done before you can buy tickets for The Eras Tour concert.

However, luck seems to be coming to Hanggini and Luthfi Aulia. The two of them managed to buy tickets for The Eras Tour concert in Singapore after waiting for 6 hours. Curious? Let’s take a peek at Hanggini and Luthfi’s seconds to get the following Taylor Swift tickets.

Hanggini and Luthfi Aulia Get Tickets for the Taylor Swift Concert


Photo : TikTok/luthfiauliaaa

Through his TikTok account, Luthfi Aulia shared moments of himself and his lover Hanggini taking part in the Taylor Swift ticket war.

Hanggini, Luthi and their sister have been on standby since 11 am. In fact, ticket sales begin at 5 pm. The three of them war Taylor Swift tickets in the car.

When buying tickets, the woman who is familiarly called Jeha looked excited. Meanwhile Lutfi had said that he wanted to vomit even though he also looked calm.

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