The Disgrace Has Been Dismantled, Sule Precisely Praises Nathalie Holscher, Who Takes Off Her Hijab: She Is Really Beautiful

Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher’s decision to remove the hijab, of course, surprised many. The reasons that were not disclosed led to a lot of speculation.

Nathalie’s ex-husband, Sule, is also the party most sought after for questioning regarding Nathalie’s decision to open the hijab. So what did Sule say? Let’s take a peek together!

Sully’s response Investigation

Photo : Investigation

Nathalie Holscher’s decision to wear the hijab occurred when she was close to Sule. As a result, there is now much speculation that it was Sule who asked Natahalie to wear the hijab.

Knowing the issue, Sule immediately denied. Rizky Febian’s father admitted that the decision came from Nathalie herself.

“Oh no (it wasn’t me who told me to wear the hijab), she herself, by herself, she suddenly wears the hijab, I’m happy, and there’s no orders,” explained Sule as quoted from YouTube Intense Investigation, Wednesday, 19 July 2023.

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