The Dangers of LGBT According to Abi Quraish Shihab: It’s a Silent Satan


Jakarta – Having a very extraordinary figure in educating his children, cleric Abi Quraish Shihab explained the dangers of parents when caring for children, namely falling into LGBT.

LGBT is (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) which has been increasingly troubling the public lately. So what are the dangers of LGBT according to Abi Quraish Shihab. Immediately read the article below.

YouTube/Daniel Mananta Network

Photo: YouTube/Daniel Mananta Network

Sexual deviance that often occurs among the people of the country and the resurgence of LGBT news in the ranks of public figures, Abi Quraish Shihab exclusively has views about the dangers of LGBT for those who do it.

This is not justified by religion, but the father of Najwa Shihab does not want to judge LGBT perpetrators but instead looks for other ways to heal them.

“Religious people face LGBT people, religion does not agree with that. Let’s join hands, we join hands not to hate them but join hands to save them,” said Abi Quraish Shihab on YouTube Daniel Mananta Network, reported Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

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