The Confused Code Left by Denny Caknan’s Marriage, Happy Asmara Immediately Makes a Clarification Video


Jakarta – It is widely reported that the marriage of Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita cannot be accepted by Happy Asmara fans so that many feel disappointed.

Having given a confused code with his post, Happy Asmara is now making a clarification video for this confusing news. Curious? Scroll through the following articles!

Happy Romance post

The owner’s full name is Heppy Rismanda Hendranata, or better known as Happy Asmara, suddenly attracting public sympathy, after news of Denny Caknan’s marriage and his new lover emerged.

Having had a special relationship and a duet together, Happy Asmara was predicted to give a code of confusion when it was discovered that Denny Caknan already had a new lover. Even to straighten out the news, the singer of the song ‘Rungkad’ immediately uploaded a clarification video.

Hopefully you guys are happy to get the info on the 7th,” wrote Happy Asmara, reported Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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