The Blessing of Leaving Marriage, Happy Asmara: The Lord God Does Not Break Our Hope

Jakarta – The singer from Kediri, Happy Asmara, is currently a trending topic, after his love story with Denny Caknan and he recently got married.

Not giving up and admitting that he is not confused, the singer of the song ‘Kembang Wangi’ is even more successful and blessed. Is it true? Let’s peek at the story!


The owner of the real name Heppy Rismanda Hendranata or better known as Happy Asmara, looks even brighter and admits that she is not confused after being married off by her ex so that her name is trending on social media.

Showing off his achievements at the age of 24, Happy actually feels grateful because he was given so many favors and blessings. Apart from being successful as a dangdut singer and her new single trending 1, Happy Asmara is also preparing a super luxurious recording studio in Blitar which she calls Gedung Trending.

Through her latest Instagram upload, the woman who is now reportedly close to Delva Irawan wrote a positive message of gratitude.

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