The Appearance of Lyia’s Smooth Back, Former Tiger Trio, Gave Praise

Jakarta – Do you still remember the Trio Macan group? Yes, one of the former Tiger Trio Lyia looks even prettier and sexier.

In her latest upload, Lyia is seen showing off her smooth back in a spoiled pose. Curious? Check out the following article!

Show Back

The owner of the full name Lia Amelia or who is known as the Lyia Trio Macan now looks even more slender and beautiful with her newest appearance. Even often wearing sexy clothes, Lyia is often praised by netizens for always looking young.

In her latest upload, the 31-year-old woman is seen wearing a sexy dress with a wide open back. No doubt many netizens were wrongly focused on Lyia’s back.

If you see sin, you don’t see good and smooth things,” write netter comments, launched Sunday, July 2, 2023.

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