The alleged theft case, Jenny Rachman reported back to the police

Jakarta – The feud of the household dipper Jenny Rachman and her husband, Suprajarto, has not ended yet. On the one hand, Jenny reported her husband to the police regarding the case of alleged document forgery.

Jenny’s report has been registered since March 21, 2022 with the number LP/B/633/III/2022/SPKT Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan. Now, Suprajarto has also been named a suspect. Check out the full review below.

Close the Path of Peace

Johnson Pandjaitan

Suprajarto’s attorney, Johnson Panjaitan, did not deny his client’s legal status. Furthermore, he also acknowledged that there were initial plans to hold peace efforts, aka restorative justice.

But alas, this plan could not be realized. Johnson explained that his party had abandoned plans to carry out this effort because the figure of Elida Netty, Jenny’s lawyer, allegedly distorted the facts regarding the request for restorative justice.

“I don’t know why there is another lawyer named Netty, it’s as if (restorative) doesn’t exist at all. It’s as if we were just making it up,” said Johnson Panjaitan to media crew in the Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta, on Monday, July 3 2023 .

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