The 1975 Canceled Stage in Jakarta after Controversy in Malaysia, Putri Anne: Unprofessional


Jakarta – The 1975 band’s performance has been long awaited in Jakarta. However, due to vocalist Matty Healy’s ‘brave’ action at the Good Vibes Malaysia festival, the band canceled their appearance at We The Fest Jakarta.

Knowing this, Princess Anne expressed her disappointment. Like what? Take a peek at Princess Anne’s annoyance below.

Disappointed Princess Anne Calls The 1975 Unprofessional


Photo : Instagram/@anneofficial1990

Through her Instagram Story, Putri Anne expressed her disappointment when she learned that the band The 1975 was canceled from performing at We The Fest 2023.

Anne wrote that she had been looking forward to The 1975’s performance. However, she was disappointed by the unprofessional attitude of the British band.

“Was hoping to see you guys since 2 months ago. It’s not about the money, it’s about how unprofessional you guys are, you’re not even half of the other band that plays on wtf,” wrote Princess Anne quoted on Monday, July 24, 2023.

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