Tessa Mariska Sings Agnez Mo’s song with the lyrics ‘Linge Lingeling’ Sneaky, Netizens: Isn’t it Cringe?


Jakarta – The figure of Tessa Mariska has recently been in the public spotlight. This was after she sang Princess Ariani’s song ‘Loneliness’ whose lyrics sounded like ‘Yu Brik May Hart Brik May Haff’.

After going viral because of this, Tessa returned to the spotlight after singing Agnez Mo’s latest song, entitled ‘Get Loose’, which was considered cringe or amused and not funny anymore. Like Tessa Mariska’s action singing Agnez Mo’s song? Take a peek below.

Tessa Mariska Sings Agnez Mo’s song entitled Get Loose

A gossip account on Instagram uploaded a moment when Tessa Mariska sang the latest song from Agnez Mo ft Ciara, Get Loose.

“Oh my nyantol, after I see. I can stand? Because I can’t wait, there are drums. After I saw it, it’s like this, right? Get Los, Linge Lingeling Linge Lingeling,” said Tessa Mariska while imitating Agnez Mo’s movements quoted from YouTube Esge Entertainment, Sunday, July 9, 2023.

Tessa looks cool imitating Agnez Mo’s movements in her music video while continuing to sing a fragment of the Get Loose song lyrics in her trademark way.

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