Tasyi Athasyia Undergoes Examination on Her Report Regarding Alleged Defamation


Jakarta – Tasyi Athasyia recently visited Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta. According to Intipseleb’s monitoring, she did not only come alone but brought her husband, Syech Zaki, and was also accompanied by his attorney, Sandy Arifin, and several other witnesses.

So what is the purpose of coming to Polda Metro Jaya Jakarta? Curious? Let’s take a peek at the next review below.

Tasyi Athasyia Undergoes Examination of Reports Made

Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Photo: Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Tasyi Athasyia’s arrival aims to undergo an examination regarding her report.
As is known, said the attorney, there were several accounts of haters that the celebrity reported to the police.

“Right now it is still under investigation, there are several accounts on social media, on Twitter, Instagram and other media. The development will be in the future process,” said Sandy Arifin as Tasyi Athasyia’s attorney at Polda Metro Jaya, Friday, July 21, 2023.

In Sandy Arifin’s statement, today’s agenda is related to clarification on the basis of a report his party made on 11 July.

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