Tasting Many Men, Lina Mukherjee Claims to Have Cleaned Halal and Haram

Jakarta – Lina Mukherjee was outspoken about having had relationships with other people’s husbands, even grandparents. Not proud of sin, Lina just wants to find her happiness materially.

Claiming that she has tasted all that is lawful and unlawful, Lina Mukhejee prefers to be honest rather than hypocritical. What was the narrative like? Take a peek at the article below!

Taste Lots of Men

Lina Mukherjee

Quoting Instagram @viral62com, Lina Mukherjee was asked which types of men she had been in a relationship with. Boasting, Lina admitted that she had tasted many men, including husbands and grandparents.

“Have people’s husbands, m*k*nd* ever, ever had popcorn, I have tasted everything,” said Lina Mukherjee, quoted from a clip of the video uploaded to Instagram @viral62com.

Lina Mukherjee emphasized that she was not proud of her sins. He just wants to find material happiness.

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