Tariq Halilintar Speaks Up After Going Angry in Threads

Jakarta – Tariq Halilintar had uploaded his anger on Threads social media. This made Tariq Halilintar the spotlight of netizens, because of his upload.

Now he spoke up, regarding his upload. Come on, check the artist’s expression.

Give Clarification


Photo : Instagram/@thariqhalilintar

Realizing that someone was trying to make his writing viral on Threads, Tariq Halilintar finally explained the cause of the anger at that time. He was annoyed because there were people who borrowed large amounts of money but were reluctant to pay it back.

“So there was one person who borrowed money, quite a lot, but didn’t want to return the money. Even though the person was always on vacation,” said Tariq Halilintar in the Tendean area, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/7/2023).

Even if there was no attempt to return it, the person who borrowed Thariq Halilintar’s money has disappeared somewhere.

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